A LA CARTE – 26.10.2019 – Kraš Auditorium – ZAGREB



Kraš Auditorium, Zagreb



Dear colleagues,

it is our great pleasure to invite you to new slide on the
“ORTHOPAEDICS A LA CARTE” menu. This time we are cooking
around the shoulder. In this area there are plenty of unanswered
questions. Whether you face a top athlete or a forty year old
woman, you might have a dilemma. Not always are the symptoms
clear, in this field you can drift away into a thick forest and seek the
sunshine. The patients interpret their symptoms in their own way
which can sometimes pull you away from the road to solution. In
this symposium, we wish to present you a short basic knowledge,
followed by experts who will share with you their experience and
discuss the best treatment.

This symposium is organized by FORTH and Croatian Orthopaedic
Society because we strongly believe that together we can better
endorse orthopaedic knowledge.

Welcome to „Shoulder À la Carte“, visit beautifuly Zagreb in the
autumn! Some good Chefs are waiting for you!